BOF: New Faculty Orientation and Beyond

November 9, 2020

Most campuses sponsor new faculty orientations that aspire to establish sound teaching habits among tenure-track, lecturer, and adjunct faculty—but few initiatives report a significant impact on faculty practice. Our initial BoF pre-conference conversation will bring together faculty developers to identify sessions that could yield innovative perspectives on the new faculty orientation, both as a short-term welcome and as a longer-term exploration of policies and practices to build effective faculty careers. An end-of-conference discussion will build approaches to new faculty orientation based on themes that emerged in conference sessions.

Horizontal mentorship: A feminist practice of resilience for educational developers

November 10, 2020

For early-career educational developers, it can be challenging to navigate a profession that is designed to respond to the changing landscape of higher education. Additionally, preparation for this role is not created equal - some folks enter the field with prior consulting experience, faculty member experience, and/or training from other kinds of alternative academic positions. At this session, participants will learn how to establish horizontal mentorships, defined as a non-hierarchical approach to mentoring, to extend their professional networks of productive and equitable relationships, as well as model an approach to foster success for underrepresented scholars throughout their academic careers.