SIG Mission: Educators play a critical role as humanity faces multiple ecological crises of global significance. The Earth-Centered SIG's mission is three-fold: To advance and support Earth-centered and resilient pedagogy, curricula, and research that aim to (1) utilize systems thinking to understand the reciprocal relationship between human well-being and survival and the healthy functioning of all parts of the natural Earth system; (2) engage students in interdisciplinary, community-engaged, applied whole-person learning that is required for approaching wicked problems such as environmental degradation and climate change; (3) highlight the inherent and inseparable connections between social justice movements and environmental concerns through the lens of environmental justice; and (4) foster a resilient teaching and learning ethos that prioritizes responsive teaching and supports faculty to adapt as conditions and events unfold. To empower educational developers and teaching centers to model sustainable and regenerative organizational practices; and To promote a more sustainable POD Network organization, including the annual conference.

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