The Statement of Teaching Priorities: A Foundation for Evaluating Teaching

November 13, 2020

What is your institution's definition of good teaching? Exploring faculty's ideas and values regarding teaching can be a fruitful first step in the process of developing a program of teaching evaluation. At Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University, the Center for Innovative Teaching & Engagement led faculty through an iterative process of crafting a community teaching philosophy. This poster emphasizes the value of institutional teaching statements and describes an effective process for their development.

Responding with Nimbleness: Teaching Centers through a Human Resource Lens

November 12, 2020

Teaching center leaders are at the forefront of shifting priorities and activities. Sector-wide and institutional changes necessitate centers to be nimble and pivot quickly in order to be successful. One key competency helping centre leaders prepare in times of major change is human resources (HR) leadership (Dawson, Britnell, & Hitchcock, 2010). We outline four critical HR leadership aspects – organizational structure, direction-setting, capacity-building, and accountability – relevant to centre leaders, and provide prompts to encourage reflection on these aspects and plan next steps.