Mindfulness & Contemplative Pedagogy SIG

November 18, 2020

SIG Mission: The mission of the Mindfulness & Contemplative Pedagogy SIG is to explore and support the implementation and impact of contemplative practices into post-secondary classrooms.To accomplish this mission, the SIG aims to(1) support educational developers interested in cultivating contemplative pedagogy practices and communities on their campuses, and(2) foster the development of concrete models of implementation and assessment of these practices in higher education settings.

Who heals the healers? Supporting emerging leaders through radical compassion

November 13, 2020

This roundtable is a place to collectively explore models of self-leadership critical to healing institutional inequities and harms laid bare during the COVID-19 pandemic. Facilitators and participants will share what we've learned from the pandemic about what we need as servant-leaders, about harmful norms to reject, and about clarified values to retain. We aim to build a peer mentoring network that honors personal storytelling and inner wisdom in pursuit of growth in self-leadership. We will collectively chart a forward-looking path that creatively responds to the changing higher education environment and that promotes equity, mindfulness, courage, creativity, and compassion.

Mindful and Contemplative Pedagogy: Best practices for online environments

November 11, 2020

Social distancing, online learning and working remotely have become part of an unforgettable 2020. How can instructors help mitigate these new stressors and build community and connection among students? How can instructors continue to support student learning and academic performance while strengthening attention, concentration and supporting holistic well-being? This poster presentation will share mindful and contemplative techniques for use in online classrooms developed from both personal practice and empirical studies. Attendees will formulate an action plan for including mindful practices in their respective learning environments.

Contemplative Practices: Looking Inward, Thinking Forward

November 11, 2020

Contemplative practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and others have become meaningful approaches throughout higher education to inform classroom pedagogies, student learning, and faculty development. This session will feature seven programs that represent a variety of contemplative practices being used in teaching and educational development across different institutions. Following lightning talks from each presenter, participants will interact with presenters through timed mini-sessions. Finally, participants will also have a chance to reflect on what they learned and formulate a plan to take back to their home institutions. This session is hosted by the POD Mindfulness and Contemplative Pedagogy Special Interest Group.