SOC Consulting

SOC accelerates the scaling of experiential education & HighImpact Practices through our Six Steps to Scale approach. SOC works with each of our campuses to create a custom plan to provide: services to centralize experiential learning opportunities; structures to embed experiential education in the curriculum; tools to connect underserved students with opportunities; and the data infrastructure to analyze disaggregated participation and learning outcomes data.

SOC Technology 

With more than 4,000 software integrations, SOC connects previously siloed on-campus and national datasets. Using the SOC Technology Suite, campuses can: centralize and organize opportunity listings; tag and track co-curricular and curricular experiential experiences; analyze disaggregated participation data; and manage experiential pathways and projects. SOC’s technology suite is the only tool specifically designed to promote equitable participation, efficient assessment, and scaling of High-Impact Practices.