Lumen Learning’s mission is to enable unprecedented learning for all students. We do this by providing tools and services to support effective teaching and learning practices. We are trying to build more effective learners and more impactful teachers.

Effective learning means supporting not only students but also faculty to be their best. With Lumen Circles, we offer professional development experiences that use virtual communities of practice to connect faculty members with peers and help them hone their expertise as student-centered teachers. Grounded in evidence-based teaching practices and self-reflection, Lumen Circles work well for any faculty member, in any discipline, and at any stage of career – regardless of whether they use Lumen courseware.

About Lumen Circles Fellowships: Fellowships offer an extended experience, empowering faculty to develop their teaching practice with support from a peer community.
What’s Included

  • 9-week virtual learning circle to build skills and apply effective teaching practices
  • Asynchronous weekly reflection & peer collaboration activities
  • Resource-rich Lumen Circles Platform and educator community
  • Individualized coaching focused on your goals for teaching effectiveness
  • Certificate in Effective Teaching Practice

Fellowship Areas of Focus

  • Active Learning
  • Diversity, Equity,Inclusion & Belonging
  • Evidence-based Teaching
  • OER & Open Pedagogy
  • Online Teaching 

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