Thursday Plenary: Equity, decoloniality, and social justice: Learning in dialogue with South African colleagues

November 12 from 1:00-2:00pm EST

Dorothe Bach, Elizabeth Dickens, Michelle Joubert, Cortney McEniry, Carl Moore, Brian Sibanda, and Adriana Streifer

How do educational developers around the globe best support their institutions in becoming more equitable and just? What can we learn from the different ways we are enacting— or failing to enact—our commitments? Presenters from diverse institutional contexts— a large, South African historically white and now majority black institution; a US historically black university; and a US elite, predominantly white institution — reflect on their shared commitments to decoloniality, anti-racism, and social justice. Audience members will learn from engaging with theoretical frameworks that guide the work in South Africa and explore examples of novel approaches to fostering liberatory educational practices.

Wulff Diversity Fellows: Teaching and Learning through a DEI lense in times of COVID-19

November 12 from 4:15-5:00pm EST

Helen C. Ballestas, Mark Collins, Jeremy Harper, Eunice Ndeto Ivala, Lisa Jong, Ángel L. Martínez, Sheena Daree Miller, Sara Suzuki, Erin Thompson, and Amanda Wilkerson

Please join us as we welcome the 2020 Donald H. Wulff Diversity Fellowship awardees. The fellows will present on a panel that focuses on teaching and learning through a diversity, equity, inclusion lens in times of COVID-19. The session starts with opening remarks and introductions from each of the 10 fellowship winners. Then we go into breakout rooms to discuss these three questions: 1) How do you relate to the topic in your day-to-day work? 2) How has it shaped you as a professional? 3) What steps can you take going forward?Afterward, we come back to share what the breakout groups discussed. We then explore the ideas and solutions that result and how we might continue to work on and apply these to our practice in the field. We finish the conversation with a wrap up and announcements. 

Thursday’s featured on-demand sessions

While on-demand sessions are available for the duration of the conference and until Spring 2021, we are excited to highlight the following awesome sessions today. Take a moment before or after live sessions to learn about your colleagues’ projects.Use the MyPOD Discussion Groups to ask questions and continue the conversation

Menges Award Sessions

  • Outcomes of a hybrid, multi-institutional course design workshop series Darren Hoffmann, Katherine Kearns, Karen Bovenmyer, Preston Cumming, Leslie Drane, Madeleine Gonin, Lisa Kelly, Lisa Rohde, Shawana Tabassum
  • Faculty Community of Inquiry Transforms Online Teaching Perceptions and PracticesKaren Skibba, Maria Widmer

Interactive On-Demand Sessions

  • Applying Student-Faculty Partnership Lessons in a Negotiated Course Redesign – Brenda Thomas, Bill Reynolds
  • Becoming Wicked Educational DevelopersRita Kumar, China Jenkins, Lauri Dietz, Amber Handy
  • Creative Writing as a Bridge to Healing Loneliness and Disenchantment Reed Dickson, Mays Imad
  • Examining Center Nimbleness through a Human Resource Leadership LensCarolyn Hoessler, Donna Ellis, Bob Bayles
  • Getting On the Balcony: Adaptive Leadership and Curriculum ReformKate Hamilton, Erin Baumann, Karen Bennett
  • Strategies for Conducting Virtual Instructional CoachingDavid James, Sarah James

Poster Sessions

  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogies: A Model for our Diverse College Populations Nancy Winfrey, Audrey Dentith
  • Forging Connections Through a Center Needs Assessment SurveyGregg Wentzell
  • How is Teaching Effectiveness Assessed in Tenure-Track Hiring?Katie Walsh, Laura Pottmeyer, Chad Hershock, Deborah Meizlish

Research Sessions

  • Building inclusive excellence into STEM teaching by training graduate studentsBenjamin Wiggins, Becca Price
  • Examining gender related patterns in Engineering Teaching Assistant evaluationsCelia Evans, Reece Kearney, Lisa Schneider-Bentley, Jansen Smith
  • Laying the foundations: Impact of core pedagogy training for TAsMichelle Gaston, Lindy Messer
  • No one taught me to teach: Preparation for challenging situationsAllison BrckaLorenz, Sarah Hurtado, Casey McCoy-Simmons, Dajanae Palmer

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Live Session Recordings and Access to Materials

Recordings of Live Sessions will be posted to the session pages within the next few days. So, if you missed a session, you can go back and watch the recording. All session materials and discussion boards for live and on-demand sessions will be available until May 1, 2021. Note though, that discussion boards may not be monitored frequently by session presenters after the end of the conference.

The video recordings from Tuesday’s live sessions, including our Plenary are now live: 

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