Meet me in the Lobby…

Thursday 11/12/20, 5:30-6:30pm EST

Organized by Eric Kaldor

I’m missing my opportunity to meet up and meet new people in the Lobby. For Thursday afternoon, I’ve created a Zoom meeting called “Meet in the Lobby…”. 

My hope is that just like the hotel lobby at the end of the day, we will plan to meet some new or old friends and then accidentally bump into new folks and get a chance to talk with them. A variation on a Random Walk. If you have any suggestions for ways to make this more accessible or welcoming, please let me know. Please share this invite with others…

There will be 10 breakout rooms and you can plan to meet folks at specific times in one or wander among them. 

1) Comfy chairs, 2) Coffee stand, 3) Staircase, 4) Gigantic sculpture, 5) Landscape painting, 6) Grand Piano, 7) Disco entrance, 8) Zen garden, 9) Waterfall, 10) Flamingos 

We will be using the new Zoom option for participants to choose a room, so make sure to have the latest updates to your Zoom app.

Join the Meeting

POD Network Dance & Karaoke Party 

Thursday 11/12/20, 9:00 p.m. EST (6:00pm PT / 7:00pm MT / 8:00pm CT / 9:00pm ET)

Organized by Jennafer Alexander, Joshua Caulkins, Eric Caldor, Teresa Focarile, Sara Misgen, Anna Santucci, Roben Torosyan, and Sally Wu

Join your returning & new POD Buddies at THE BEST PLACE TO BE ON A WEEKNIGHT

It’s an annual tradition. Come Dance. Come Sing. Come Drink (BYOB). Come do Karaoke. Come Hang. Pick a breakout room if you want. 

For more info and access link check out the Karaoke Flyer.