Wednesday Plenary: Narrative Interventions: Power Sharing and Boundary Crossing in Action

Join us from 1:00-2:00pm EST

Linda S. Stewart and Esther Jordan

Narrative is powerful — even in small doses. Narrative pedagogy transforms by disrupting traditional teaching practices to co-construct knowledge (Ironside 2006), which is also true in educational development. Using narrative is an inclusive and transdisciplinary approach that enables educational developers to reimagine themselves as transformative “boundary crossers” (Cruz, Manginelli, Parker, Strahlman, 2018, p. 2). This session draws upon the authors’ small narrative interventions in graduate student and faculty orientations to increase participants’ sense of belonging, community, and self-efficacy. Facilitators will describe and model these generalizable narrative activities, and participants will identify storytelling strategies for their unique educational development contexts.

Wednesday’s featured on-demand sessions

While on-demand sessions are available for the duration of the conference and until Spring 2021, we are excited to highlight the following awesome sessions today. Take a moment before or after live sessions to learn about your colleagues’ projects and use the MyPOD Discussion Groups to ask questions and continue the conversation: 

Interactive Sessions

  • A Change Process Facilitation Model for Curriculum RedesignElizabeth Dickens
  • Contemplative Practices: Looking Inward, Thinking ForwardUrsula Sorensen, Susan Hrach, Alexia Ferracuti, Lillian Nave, Bart Everson, Leslie Bayers, Lott Hill, Monique Dufour, Judit Torok, Mays Imad, Martha Diede, Maura Conley
  • Effective Institutional Advocacy as an Educational DeveloperDavid Goldman, Eliza Blau
  • Faculty wrapper sessions: Refining teaching practices through reflection and reflexivityErin Rentschler, Laurel Willingham-McLain, Steven Hansen
  • Mapping Our Innovation Practices to Reclaim Our Innovation StoryMichele DiPietro
  • Observing Critical Teaching Behaviors: What Does Good Teaching Look Like?Lauren Barbeau, Claudia Cornejo Happel
  • Soliciting the Voices of Our Students: Data, Tools, & InspirationSarah Cavanagh
  • The Faculty Portfolio as a Site for Collaborative Faculty DevelopmentNathan Ross, Ryan Sobeck

Poster Sessions

  • Connecting Through Narratives of Failure to Cultivate Professional GrowthJennifer Boman, Michelle Yeo
  • FacultyConnect: Creating community in the era of ZoomMaria-Cecilia Gomez, Patricia Turner, Barbara Mills, Kem Saichaie
  • Mindful and Contemplative Pedagogy: Best practices for online environmentsKaren Couves, Karen Bovenmyer
  • Teaching Deep Digital Reading Across DisciplinesJenae Cohn
  • Tuning and Wrapping Your Way through Learning-Focused Assignment DesignBridget Trogden, Taimi Olsen

Research Sessions

  • A Journey to Online Teaching and Learning in Canadian UniversitiesCindy Ives, Pamela Walsh
  • Effects of Metacognitive Learning Strategies on Student Performance and Self-ConfidenceJennifer Anderson, Siddhesh Kulkarni
  • How Instructors’ Choice of Disciplinary Practices May Decrease Student LearningSally Wu
  • Navigating difficult discourse: Understanding faculty strategies for challenging teaching situationsSarah Hurtado, Lesley Sisaket, Sylvia Washington
  • Supporting TAs through inclusive learning communities: Evidence of skill developmentJulia Johnson, Jessica Maher, Megan Gregory, Isidro Landa
  • Students’ voices in course evaluation data to inform practice changeArtineh Samkian

Announcements and Reminders


We are very encouraged by how many folks have been showing up to the roundtable sessions. But honestly, it’s been a bit overwhelming. We have been asked to limit the number of participants to around 50 for those sessions. So show up early because we are going to try and make these sessions a little more intimate. 

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GPPD Networking Coffee Break

Wednesday, November 11, 4:15-5:00 pm EST

Grab your favorite beverage and join us for a virtual networking event! The GPPD SIG invites all graduate/professional students, postdocs, and those whose work focuses on supporting these populations to join us for afternoon coffee/tea and conversation. Participants will be broken into Zoom rooms based on areas of interest and provided with guiding questions to kick off discussion.