Thank you for registering for the 2020 POD Network Conference, our first 100% virtual conference. It’s been a challenging year on many levels and we hope your experience will be one of meaningful connection and community.

We have 899 registrations this year and we certainly hope that you’ll have a chance to connect with each other, listen, reflect, and learn. Because Zoom tends to be a bit unwieldy for casual group conversations, we decided not to offer any Zoom-based support for this. Instead, to support everyone’s digital networking, we will:

November 16. Conference registration is NOT required to attend a committee or 

SIG meeting;

  • host a virtual Zoom-room Help Desk from 11AM to 5PM EST, Monday through Friday, if you have any questions, experience any problems, or if you just want to drop in for a smile, a break, or a digital fist-bump. We may need to utilize the waiting room function, so please be patient or use the Help Desk email [] to reach out to us. We will be monitoring emails closely & will get back to you as soon as we can.

How to Start Your Conference Experience

It’s easy! Login to the conference website with your POD membership credentials or the POD account login details you created when registering as a non-member. 

Important: You will be able to navigate most of the page without logging in, but you will be asked to login once you try to access session information.

Watch a quick video that demonstrates the login process.

If you don’t remember your login credentials, you can follow the prompts in the “Settings” tab on the POD Network Login page to reset your password. 

Questions? Please email: 

In your email please include a phone number to reach you in case we need additional information.

Session info

Plenary Sessions

We are excited for all to join us for the POD presidential address by POD President Donna Ellis, University of Waterloo, on Tuesday, November 10, at 12:00-1:00pm EST and for the three following plenary presentations featuring the amazing work and collaborative initiatives of POD members:

November 11, 1:00-2:00pm EST: Narrative Interventions: Power Sharing and Boundary Crossing in Action; presented by Linda S. Stewart and Esther Jordan

November 12, 1:00-2:00pm EST: Equity, Decoloniality, and Social Justice: Learning in Dialogue with South African Colleagues; presented by Dorothe Bach, Elizabeth Dickens, Michelle Joubert, Cortney McEniry, Carl S. Moore, Brian Sibanda, and Adriana Streifer

November 13, 1:00-2:00pm EST: Global Faculty Development: 5 Countries, 11 Campuses and Why it Matters for Everyone (sponsored by ACUE); presented by C Shaun Longstreet, Carolyn Ives, Lobna S. Sorour, Paul Martin 

Live Interactive Sessions and Roundtables

Attendance of live interactive sessions and roundtable/ BOF sessions is limited to the following maximum participants:

  • 500 participants for live interactive sessions (limited by Zoom room capacity)
  • 50 participants for Roundtable and BOF sessions (smaller session size to better facilitate conversations)

If the maximum number of attendees is reached for the session you plan to attend we invite you to join another concurrent live session or to engage with one of our many outstanding on-demand sessions. All live sessions will be recorded and recordings will be posted to the conference website within a few days.

On-demand sessions

#POD20 features over 50 on-demand sessions including interactive sessions, poster sessions, and research sessions.

  • Each day we will “feature” a number of on demand sessions.
  • All on-demand sessions are available for conference attendees throughout the conference and until May 1, 2021 (you don’t have to wait until the day they are featured in the program unless you want to).

Pre-conference Workshops

With the shift to a virtual conference this year, pre-conference sessions are just one of the things that look a little different. Pre-conference sessions will be offered as two-week hybrid post-conference events in Spring 2021. Stay Tuned!

Inclusion and Accessibility

In consultation with the POD Diversity Committee, the conference supports a number of inclusion and accessibility measures in order to provide all participants with as equitable an experience as possible. Read more about Inclusion and Accessibility Measures at #POD20.

What is different this year?

Due to the complexities of organizing a virtual conference, we opted not to offer the Buddy Program or Resource Fair this year, but we look forward to bringing them back in 2021.

We are, however, offering the 1st Timers Welcome Session

Instead of the usual Career Fair, we encourage you to take advantage of the existing POD Network Jobs/Career page (member login required for access).

Do you have a job opening? Please post your open positions for interested members to browse. You are also welcome to post info about jobs that are likely to open soon along with contact info for those interested in more information.

Are you looking for a job? Browse the postings and reach out to listed contact people for more information.


Please check out our six 2020 Sponsors! Lots of digital goodies and discounts for conference attendees (unfortunately no tote bags, pens, hats, or mints!). 

Plenary Sponsor: ACUE

As a plenary sponsor, ACUE will be sponsoring Friday’s plenary session on November 13, 1:00-2:00pm EST: Global Faculty Development: 5 Countries, 11 Campuses and Why it Matters for Everyone; presented by C Shaun Longstreet, Carolyn Ives, Lobna S. Sorour, Paul Martin 

As part of this sponsorship, ACUE will also be hosting the virtual “A Toast to Resilient Educational Developers” on Thursday, November 12, 4-5:00PM Eastern. All are invited. 

Conference Feedback

Be on the lookout for a conference survey sent to you via email soon after the conference. 

We will be eager to hear from you! 

We hope you enjoy the events!